Hi I'm Wu Na, the founder of EcoLuxe Living.

Our Story


I'm a mum of two - a 4 year old boy called Christopher and a 3 year old cavoodle called Teddy (named because well, he looks like a teddy bear). 

Back in early 2020 I resigned from my full-time role as a Food Safety & Quality Assurance Specialist to spend more time at home with Christopher.

When Covid-19 lockdown came in, I got to spend time to think about what I truly wanted for my family and futures. I got to hand make and cook delicious, nutritious meals that I was actually proud to feed my family for most days of the week (the other days of the week, leftovers of course). I got to become more conscious of what we were purchasing to enter our bodies, our home and ultimately allowing to stay in our day-to-day lifestyle.

During this period my husband David worked as an essential worker at the Waikato Hospital. Every evening when he came home, he would dispose his single-use disposable face mask, remove his "outside" clothes and shoes and go straight into the shower before he would touch or hug any of us. I would then put on some disposable gloves and alcoholise all the door handles, bags, shoes he had used and put his clothes into the washing machine before they were allowed into the main house. It is over this period that I became more and more concerned at the huge amount of single-use, disposable facemasks and gloves that were being used (by households and businesses requiring the services of front-line workers), heading towards landfill and oceans and due to the materials used, remaining there for hundreds if not thousand of years to come. All from just one single use. 

Now, while I can say that Covid-19 was the final push behind the formation of EcoLuxe Living, however the inspiration or the 'spark' for the concept behind EcoLuxe Living really goes back further. Back to the years 2008-2014 while helping out at my mother's florist store in Hamilton during the long summer University breaks. In between driving to the flowers market each morning to get the freshest flowers stock for the day, taking phone and internet orders throughout the day and sweeping the floors after the end of a day's business, I would notice just how MUCH plastic and other single-use synthetic materials e.g. ribbons were used in the floristry industry in New Zealand, in order to make a bouquet of flowers look luxurious and spectacularly beautiful. Stunning packaging that would brighten the day of the end receiver - which is amazing! But as there is no other function or use for it otherwise, would be discarded eventually. 

It is from these 10+ years of experiences and awarenesses, that I decided to create a "go-to" brand for sustainable homes and businesses. An eco-community for homes and businesses that choose to invest in products that would last for generations, or that can be re-used, recycled or repaired so that the materials in them remain in use. Instead of our landfills and oceans. 


Welcome to EcoLuxe Living


x Wu Na