EcoLuxe Living is an 100% New Zealand owned and operated ethical, eco-conscious luxury brand established in 2020.


+ To provide sustainable products that are thoughtfully designed in New Zealand, consciously sourced from the best in the world and responsibly crafted to last for a long time by our ethical manufacturing partners in New Zealand, North Ameria and Asia beyond.

+ To provide sustainable products that are certified safe and healthy for use by you, your family and your home during the lifetime of the product.

+ To provide sustainable products that are certified organic/naturally compostable, infinitely recycled or can be easily repaired at the end of the life of the product in order to contribute to a circular economy and ensure minimal wastage of natural resources

+ To give back to people, planet and future generations of New Zealand by getting behind environmental conservation (for example, land and water conservation through partnership with One Tree Planted and Sustainable Coastlines) and social justice initiatves.